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Kagetsu Master

A Tatsumi Seiichirou Community

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Welcome to Kagetsu Master, a Tatsumi Seiichirou fan community which welcomes all fans of the bespectacled shinigami, irrespective of pairing preferences.

Why Kagetsu Master? Because that's what Tatsumi is, after all!

If you're a new member, please introduce yourself by filling in this meme as your first post.

Ground Rules

1. Please respect each other. Discussions are encouraged, but flames and flame wars will not be tolerated.

2. Please introduce yourself to the community. The point of a community is to get to know each other better and to enjoy sharing the same interests. Don't be shy. ~_^

3. All discussion relating to Tatsumi is welcome, including his relationships with other characters, but please, respect others' feelings on pairings. If you're going to post something really long, for example, over 3-4 paragraphs, please lj-cut it, so we don't spam journals for those who want to watch the community.

4. PLEASE mark spoilers by using a lj-cut. Some people have not read all of the manga. If you're going to have spoilers, say that your post will contain spoilers and lj-cut the spoilers.

5. Feel free to post any kind of fanfiction/fanart, but follow the format below:

Chapter (If it's a one shot, ignore this):
Author's Notes (optional)

R and NC-17 fanfiction is welcome, just please give the proper warnings (Like NCS, lemon, explicit violence/gore, etc).

For fanart, follow the same format as fanfics, just ignore the chapter option.

For RPs, same thing as fanfiction, only ignore the chapter option.

6. Feel free to post any essays that are Tatsumi-centric, but please lj-cut them. Give a brief summary of what you essay is about and lj-cut it.

7. If you run or have just set up a Tatsumi-friendly website, feel free to mention it here! You are also welcome to advertise new Tatsumi-related mailing lists - EXCEPT hate lists. Posting or advertising hate material of any kind will result in you being banned from the community.

8. No spamming this community with non-Yami no Matsuei-related stuff!

Enjoy your stay here!

Maintainer: pennypaperbrain


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tatsuki - Tatsumi x Tsuzuki
tsusoka - Tsuzuki x Hisoka
murari - Muraki x Watari
tsutari - Tsuzuki x Watari
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